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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is on-site massage?
A short 15-30 minute fully clothed, seated massage using acupressure and advanced massage techniques on the client’s neck, shoulders, arms and back. The client sits in a specially designed chair, leaning forward into a headrest, fully supported and relaxed.
Do I need to wear anything special?
No, work clothes are fine, we may ask you to loosen a tie or remove a jacket to make you more comfortable but that’s it!
Will it rumple my clothes or hair?
We take great care to make sure you look as good when you finish your treatment as when you began it; we can’t promise you’ll look 5 years younger but hope you will feel it!
Will my personal details be kept confidential?
At your first session you will be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire, this will be kept totally confidential. If on-site massage is not for you, we have a number of alternatives we are fully trained in and can offer you.
How much does it cost?
Well, that depends! The costs are based on the number of employees, the frequency of visits, your location, and the length of time spent per treatment. Rest assured, you will receive excellent value.
Are there any minimum requirements for a booking?
As a rule, we usually ask for a minimum of 4 hours with one practitioner to make a booking worthwhile. On the other hand, if you wanted a regular 3-hour booking-we’d be open to discussion! In other words, it’s always worth asking.
Are your practitioners insured?
Yes, all practitioners are fully covered by indemnity insurance.
How much space do you need?
Not much-just enough space for one of our practitioners to work around someone sitting in the special ergonomic chair, about 2 square metres.
Do you need a separate room?
It's great to have a separate space where people can relax in private and we can play some soothing music. However, we can work in your office if that is not possible and even at your desk if space is a problem.
What area do you cover?
Currently within a 50 mile radius of Bath.
How will I feel afterwards?
Unlike therapeutic massage, which can make a client quite sleepy at the end of a session, the effect of having a chair massage is to be awake, physically refreshed, mentally alert and focused. Clients who have had chair massage report feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, energised, clear headed, alert, refreshed, stimulated and revitalised.

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